Duel of Fates
by John S. McDonald

You and I together in the twines of death,

Have once again made strange bed-fellows

You smell and taste so sweet to my mouth,

And yet so poisonous to this heart

 Drawing me farther from the light we go,

Tilí fully consumed with madness I am

What shall be my fate?

What shall be my soul?


Only one fate will suffice

 I will take this dagger of truth, Yea,

Of destinies foretold

And thrust it through the clutches of your deception

Arise! As a prince and claim my place as

A child of a king

Not as one unloved, Oh no

But as one received and freed and brought

To my knees by this royalty,

This chance to be something

I was made to be-

A knight of the truest order