by Todd McDonald

In the realms of glory far above nature or physical creation, before time began or ere matter was breathed forth
One rested in perfect fellowship with One…. Beyond frail human imagination yet surely BEING nonetheless


In this place where nothing else could be seen or even conceived, One rested in perfect purity, holiness, and truth …
One defining truth and love’s delight… One the awe inspiring vision of One…  there in perfect fellowship, One rests eternal


This One contemplated and drew forth within Himself…. Forever and ever drawing upon His own vision of fiery love
And from this One proceeded His very image …. In His bosom and with the very imprint of His nature


In full truth and undiminished deity, One pondered His own beauty, that which is the most lovely and the most worthy of adoration… yea, none but Himself!  In this contemplation, the One brought forth One… unparalleled, unequaled, and yet, One!


As though peering into a mirror and beholding fully the divine essence of the uncreated glory, there was One who gazed upon One, enthralled at His own beauty, His own perfection, and His own life… the most perfect gaze possible


Who could comprehend this mystery?  One with One, seeing eye to eye, being of His own being, substance of His own substance…. With the One and being of the One… unfathomable mystery of mysteries… yet nonetheless, One.


One gazed upon One with longing and passion… viewing the very unformed substance of the divine uncreated
Mutual admiration, mutual passion, mutual longing… One proceeded forth in divine union and with fires of love


Eternally drawn from the bosom of the Father, the living Word thus rested in perfect communion in One,
No distinction but yet distinct, No division yet somehow naturally submissive and equally impassioned for each other.


From this One, Spirit came forth and encircled this fellowship in perfect love, perfect unity, and perfect passion
In every way, Love’s desire being eternally and fully expressed within this One: Father, Son, and Spirit.


Father gazed into Son and sang His composition of love concerning His very image… Son lovingly gazed into Father and responded with a ballad of love’s joy… Spirit whirled and danced as love eternal sprang forth in an eternal river of fire


As One considered One and fiery emotions swelled, a perfect picture in this One of love arose… it was from this source of all life, all good, and all truth that blueprints for the realms of creation and history of the worlds were forged in eternal fire


Though fully sufficient, in need of nothing save His own self, One pondered the thought of pouring out this life, of sharing this life by the upholding of a created order… never before seen… but yet seen eternally in their hearts together


A tapestry upon which this life would be painted had to be made… and yet the tapestry not the true expression of One’s desire and longing… no, the tapestry was for those that would be painted by the Father’s passion and desire for His Son…


It was in the gaze of the Son on the Father that One began to consider a partner which would bear their imprint… a resemblance to the very uncreated One… what frame could this be?  What form could thus be forged to hold such weight of glory?


Heaven’s history would soon show that glory first conveyed in perfection would ere cause pride’s haughty glance to ruin beauty
So One had in mind yet another form…. In the image of the One, made like them, a helper suitable as the Father’s gift of love


What beauty would this form come forth from?  Sand?  Dirt?  An earth to house them?  A universe the canvas of love?
Who could have thought of such wildness?  Love’s choice made free?  No force of will?  No fence around the tree?


In this thought, Father saw in Son His image expressed in something not of them yet strangely resembling them
Inexpressible emotion and desire reserved for this One now becomes focused on another… but revealed to none as yet


These creatures of dust… not like them… yet bearing the image of the One… a living temple of the divine Spirit of life
Shocking mystery, hidden secret of eternal love:  Son would take this form to win His bride… love’s call would woo them


And so it was done… Settled in mind… Sealed in eternal plan… One had formed history’s blueprint… knowing end from beginning..
Seeing beyond… unsurprised  by any turn.. history of the worlds would now come from fire’s forge and One would rejoice in  One


Father in lovingly contemplation of His Son, Spirit gave birth from spoken Word to created realms of unrecorded glory
All from nothing, eternally emanating, resting on spoken Word alone to sustain, hold, and be… heavens and earth were made


In the supernatural void came angels, cherubs, and seraph… other ministers of fire untold and beings of light as yet undreamed
In the natural came something of a different order.. the cradle in which Love’s object would be placed by One and for One


For whatever unknown reason that pride’s glance gives sway, chords of a fouler tone eventually fill Heaven’s choir
Darkness comes into this mix… unexpected no… but still not changing Love’s plan of design for One


Into dark void, Spirit hovers, ready to birth once again, Word speaks, and Father releases LIGHT….
Light into darkness… darkness not comprehending nor understanding nor overcoming…LIGHT for One and from One shines


With earth as Love’s cradle in full view, restoration now takes place from original plans since altered:
Love’s object would now be placed in the midst of both darkness and light…. Good and evil…. Life and death…


Father and Son in Spirit’s embrace still unite in passionate desire for one like them yet to be created
With plans finished, worlds framed, stars hung, sun lightened, moon ordered, all is made ready for One to speak forth


One could only imagine passion’s gaze upon Son’s partner when breath first enters… 
This ONE will be drawn into our fellowship… in the fullness of time.. For this reason, One will leave One to cleave to this His Bride


Centuries pass, mysteries once hidden now revealed in greater light… Word once spoken now manifest in flesh
Who could have thought in human frame that One could become as they?  Heaven’s mystery and yet Heaven’s gasp!


One who was and is… now framed in Bride’s form.. human veil covering deity unrestrained… divine essence… uncreated One
One now walks with human steps.. hearing the voice of One from Heaven…. Gentle Spirit now filing human frame… glory untold!


Perfect reflection of the One, Word embodied now offers Love’s price in full.. winning His Bride and pleasing One fully in return
One now waits for another day.. when Bride’s veil will too be pierced by death… and then we shall see and know.. just as One


This is the One whom prophets declare… Holy One and eternal King..  perfect One in Love’s full sway… waiting for that day
When we shall be with One in One … Heart’s desire fully met.. Love’s passion now expressed… We will be with One and see Him..


Who else could in wildest dream’s imagine or in love’s praise intone such thoughts?  It is this One…Made for Him… Made in Him…
We are His and He is ours!  His Banner only Love… One echoes in our hearts… behold this One… coming in glory, coming in power


O that now we could see as One sees us… fully hidden in the One… fully hidden in their gaze and love…
One made like us… so we could be made a partner in this One….mystery of mysteries… love’s true song… One!