"You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory 
and honor and power; for You created all things,  
and by Your will they exist and were created." 
Rev 4:11 (NKJ)

The Science of Creation

Would you with reckless abandon throw out EVERY work that calls itself scientific that dares to mention or rely on the supernatural power of a Creator at work in the universe???

If so, then read these quotes below from a very famous "scientific" treatise... you may be surprised who the author is!


"Nothing can be more hopeless than to attempt to explain this similarity of pattern in members of the same class, by utility or by the doctrine of final causes. The hopelessness of the attempt has been expressly admitted by Owen in his most interesting work on the `Nature of Limbs.' On the ordinary view of the independent creation of each being, we can only say that so it is; that it has so pleased the Creator to construct each animal and plant.... (Chapter 13)

There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved. (Chapter 14)" 

Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, 1859.


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we ourselves were also once foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving various lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful and hating one another. But when the kindness and the love of God our Savior toward man appeared, not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit, whom He poured out on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior,  that having been justified by His grace we should become heirs according to the hope of eternal life. Titus 3:3-7 (NKJ)

We believe that macro-evolution is the only "natural" conclusion left to a world that rejects a "supernatural" creator. 

What a messy and touchy subject this whole thing about creation is to everyone!  Just do a search of the Internet or read your local newspaper and you will find out readily that anyone who dares to believe in the God of the Bible should not be allowed to draw any conclusions in science from that belief!  It is amazing that those who hold so dearly to the belief that there are only natural forces at work in the universe also use their belief to draw conclusions regarding science, but for them it is allowable.  When scientists who are Christians (versus being naturalist, agnostic, atheistic, pantheistic, yada, yada) draw conclusions from scientific data based on their beliefs it is called pseudo-science, blind faith, scientific impersonation, Bible-thumpings of the religious right, unscientific, Christian fundamentalism, and ignorance of high scientific principles.  

Get the student worksheet for refuting MACRO-Evolution.

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The debates get very ugly in the realm of creation science when confronting certain aspects of evolution.  It reminds me of the play ground in third grade when little kids degenerate a good argument into name calling.  It should not surprise us at all that people of scientific ability who rely solely on their own intellect and reject any notion of processes outside of nature would come to any other conclusion than to believe evolution is the underpinning of all of science!  If we believe the Biblical account of creation, then we should also believe the Biblical account of the nature of man:  He is fallen!  Why should we expect fallen man to embrace the idea that science and special creation are compatible?? It's simple: we shouldn't.  I personally did not begin to look into the scientific evidence for creation until AFTER I made a life changing decision for Jesus Christ.  The more I read and studied this subject after I gave my life to Jesus, the more I felt like I had been lied to by many great people of science.  "Lied to"  might be too harsh an expression, though their is ample evidence of a conspiracy of sorts in the educational community to stifle any evidence (even when presented by non-creationists) that contradicts evolutionary thinking.  "Given only half the story" might be a better way of expressing how I felt about the educational system and its wholehearted support of evolution. I have not espoused creationism because I am "fundamentalist"... far from it.  Most "fundamentalists" would not let me in the door of their church anyway.  I am creationist because Jesus Christ the Creator has touched my heart and changed my entire world view... my love for Him causes me to seek to honor His word and believe the things that He believed and taught!

I might add as well that even people who are born again of the Spirit of God, i.e.  fallen man that is redeemed, still can not be expected to have perfect wisdom and understanding... even in the area of scientific research and study.   In this regard, many of our brothers and sisters who have taken up the call to defend Biblical creationism have become so calcified and pharisaical in their approach that they have boxed themselves off from other Christians and also opened themselves up to just criticism from the scientific community.   It is not our job in this world to "win our cause"-- but it is our job to "win people to Christ".  For some people, questioning evolution might be the very thing that leads them to question the validity of ANY scientific explanation for our origins that excludes a divine creator.  For others, creation science are two words that will never go together... because their minds are darkened to that possibility.
To the degree that I now know MACRO-evolution is just as religiously and philosophically based as creationism, I do object to it being presented in public classrooms that I support with my tax dollars as the one and only bedrock foundation of all science.  If we were living in pagan Rome, this would not bug me at all.  We, however, are living in a country that has come to believe that NO religion should be espoused by the government.  In this regard, there are really only two models of origins that can be considered from a scientific perspective: evolution and creation.  If creationism is not real science at all, then why not present at a minimum the scientific findings that support the creationist view of origins along with the scientific findings that support the evolutionary view of origins in our schools.  If it is not real science, then shouldn't that be clearly evident to students who study the evidence for it weighed against the evidence for evolution??  Our evolutionary friends are not quite so generous.. in their minds, their is NO scientific evidence for creationism.  This in my mind is as ludicrous as me saying there is no scientific evidence for evolution!  Such is the nature of prideful, stubborn, fallen man... when we enthrone our intellect then we become prisoner to our own self-deception and we are blinded to any other possibility.

As far as creationists being too overly calcified by their interpretations, one glaring example comes to mind.  The "Gap Theory" in certain aspects does have support from a Biblical perspective in regard to the timeline of history, but unfortunately it is used by many Christians to explain why there are billions of years of history in the geologic column with huge layers of fossils.  Wrong!  Check out our link on the "Biblical" Gap theory:  this approach does not compromise to the reasoning given by many Christians for its use, but yet still offers some explanations to things that even the young earth creation model has a hard time dealing with.

We believe in natural selection, adaptation, survival of the fittest, and ' evolution' in the micro sense.. though the word 'evolution' itself is so corrupted in meaning, there is little hope for it to ever be associated with anything other than "slug-to-man" evolution over billions of years by blind random mutations and natural selection. Evolution in this sense of the word is truly a fairy tale for grown-ups.

There are many reasons why we encourage any born again believer in Jesus Christ to consider their beliefs in regard to evolution... "evolution" on the large scale is not that great scientifically itself to begin with, though there are many people who have spent their life amassing what seems to be evidence that supports it.  Most text books, school curriculums, and scientists base their entire understanding and assumptions in various fields such as biology, geology, paleontology, zoology, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, chemistry and genetics squarely on evolutionary principles.  We would like to make clear that we indeed believe in the 'evolution' that can be scientifically observed and studied !!  We believe also that God designed evolutionary (or rather genetic variation) principles in nature to allow the maximum amount of adaptation  in response  to environmental and ecological changes within a given kind.  In this respect their is ample evidence, used by evolutionary scientists all the time, to point to the absolute proof that evolution is a scientific principle that is scientifically provable.  In this regard, we wholeheartedly agree!! Amen, preach it brother.  We have no qualm with this aspect of evolution.  Adaptation within kind however is vastly different than adaptation of a species to another completely different kind!  Adaptation within kind is not the same as adaptation of an amphibian into a reptile, or a reptile into a bird, or an ape into a man.  Do we know how to define a Biblical "kind"?  Not really, but we can make pretty good scientific inquiry to define the idea of a kind and how they relate to species, phyla, classes, and families of animals.  I have no problem with speciation within a given kind-- it is evidently a God-designed property of genetics that allows for adaptation.  Consider the following excerpt from an evolutionary article about the goatsbeard wildflower:

"Three species of wildflowers called goatsbeards were introduced to the United States from Europe shortly after the turn of the century. Within a few decades their populations expanded and began to encounter one another in the American West. Whenever mixed populations occurred, the specied interbred (hybridizing) producing sterile hybrid offspring. Suddenly, in the late forties two new species of goatsbeard appeared near Pullman, Washington. Although the new species were similar in appearance to the hybrids, they produced fertile offspring. The evolutionary process had created a separate species that could reproduce but not mate with the goatsbeard plants from which it had evolved."

Great... it speaks to me of the glory of God in His creative design... there are many other similar examples (i.e., the peppered moth) that all support this concept.  But, it does not speak of how a goatsbeard population had a segment that evolved into something other than a flower. This is the whole problem with macro evolution and micro evolution.  Micro evolution is scientifically sound and provable! Macro evolution, non-life to life, plant to animal, amoeba to man evolution, falls precisely in the realm of science that creation science does: it cannot be observed in the present, and so we must make assumptions and conclusions based on the evidence we have from the UNOBSERVABLE PAST.

We believe this simple fact: 
False conclusions arise from false assumptions.

No matter how good your data and your tests and your hypothesis are, a false assumption in reasoning will invariably lead to false conclusions in analyzing data.   This is true in regard to analyzing the geological column, considering dating methods, studying fossils, and determining the first cause of the universe.  This in my mind is where two people trained in an identical field of science but who have two different starting assumptions can come to two diametrically opposed conclusions looking at the same data.  If you have been lead to believe your entire life that all science is founded on naturalistic principles that are immutably true, then your conclusions to any scientific endeavor will follow from those assumptions.  Period.  It may be too late to effect change in America in this regard via the educational system of our schools: though we should NOT give up on our public schools.  I am just saying that we should not put our hope in transforming America by getting creation science taught in public schools.   We do believe that if you hold to evolutionary thinking as a believer, you need to re-examine the facts.  The scientific evidence is there for anyone to look at: saved or unsaved. There is an inherit blindness and darkness in man's understanding and reasoning apart from the life of God though... I don't expect unsaved people to either acknowledge or even look at the facts in an unbiased manner. 

If we name the name of Jesus, however, we have no excuse for walking in darkness when light is available.  We had all better be absolutely certain that we have not been taken captive by a world philosophy in our education that says "the cosmos is all there is and all there ever will be" or "God used suffering, death, and imperfection over long periods of time to 'evolve' the vast diversity of life we see today".   There are "Christians" who believe in evolution for the same reasons there are "Christians" who believe abortion is OK, homosexual weddings are OK, the Bible is a good book but we shouldn't go overboard with it, and Jesus was a good teacher but there have got to be other ways to get to God.  There are also "sincere" Christians who love Jesus and serve Him who believe evolution is acceptable... and we have enough grace to say that just believing in evolution is not going to keep you out of heaven.  

The concept of special creation is not just a local discussion of the first 9 chapters of the book of Genesis, though... far from it.  Creation is a theme that runs through all of Scripture from start to finish.  Discussions about the meanings of words in Genesis are ludicrous to me... you can take out the creation account from Genesis and still have enough information in the rest of the Bible to discern that God CREATED all things and that His very nature and character as revealed in the Bible would prevent me from putting faith in theistic evolution-- the God I know and love would not use this kind of process.  Even if the Bible had no reference at all to special creation, I can discern the heart of God enough to know that using a macro-evolutionary process to spawn new species does not fit His character!  God did not create a world based on "survival of the fittest"... it became a world like that due to man's sin.  

The account of creation is meant to tell us the fact of creation, not the method of creation; it tells us who is Creator, not when or how He created. It points us to a confrontation with the Creator, not an understanding of earth history.

The Bible tells us explicitly that even though our spirits are alive to God through the new birth, our minds are still carnally affected.  Our minds are to be renewed and transformed according to the Truth that is in Jesus.  Jesus acknowledged a literal creation, a literal Adam and Eve, a literal flood and a literal Noah, a literal Abraham, a literal devil, and a literal hell.  Paul tells us "Examine yourselves to see if you are in the faith".... have you been taken captive by the philosophy of this world, the same way Eve was taken captive to philosophy in the garden??  We are to use our intellectual ability for the Glory of God... not for the glory of a theory that has destroyed belief in God for many generations of people, especially here in America.

For those who want to see it, the evidence for another model of origins is there....

God has not played a cruel prank on mankind... He has not created a world that appears from all observable evidence to have come about by chance over billions of years that has produced life from evolutionary processes of natural selection and genetic mutation.  The world we see is the world that the Bible tells us we should expect to see... it is an earth that shows signs of catastrophic events on a global scale in the past... it is a world in ecological, sociological, and zoological chaos... is is NOT the world that GOD created in the beginning.  It is NOT even the world that existed before the deluge of Noah.  I will not deny that their is strong evidence that all of these signs just as easily point to macro-evolution! In my own mind, God works in shrewd means to those who are shrewd to Him! His Word tells us that when we ignore truth and light we are only left with darkness.  His Word tells us that God makes foolish the wisdom of this world... Why?  Because it was in man's wisdom that he with FULL knowledge rejected God... therefore it is by man's wisdom that God confounds the wise today! 

Guard what was committed to your trust, avoiding the profane and idle babble and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge--  by professing it some have strayed concerning the faith. Grace be with you. Amen. 1 Tim 6:20-21 (NKJ)

Why is creation science so important??

  • We desire Christians who accept either theistic or naturalistic  evolution as truth to re-examine MACRO-evolution from a scientific merit first of all... there is much scientific evidence that discredits MACRO-evolution, and we admit there is also some evidence that appears to supports it.  However, the evidence that appears to support macro-evolution draws conclusions from assumptions that are not in line with the teachings of the Torah, the Lord Jesus our Messiah, or his Apostles!  If we are going to be His follower, then let us love Him with our MINDS and our heart.  What if in your belief of theistic evolution you are found to be fighting the Creator and Author of life Himself??

  • We understand that,  for the most part, people who accept MACRO-evolutionary principles tend to reject the God of the Bible and the teachings of the Bible outright.   All the evidence that creation science brings to the table will at best cause someone to question their existing belief in the theory of origins.  Apart from a person turning to God, we do not believe that the ideas of creationism or the scientific reasoning behind it hold any value for a skeptic in making them alive to God.  At best, all it can really do for the unbeliever is destroy the solid foundations of science and naturalism that they have thought were indestructible all of these years.  We can only come to God when we place our intellectual pride on the altar to begin with... and admit that we could actually be wrong!

  • We do believe that creation principles are as valid for educational and scientific inquiry as MACRO-evolutionary principles are.  We do believe that MICRO-evolution is not only scientifically sound, but was indeed designed by God into the very genetic fabric of all life that He created. 

  • We desire that all believers return to the reliability of the Scriptures to govern every aspect of our lives... there is enough good scientific research that supports the Genesis account of creation that we should ever need be concerned that science contradicts the Bible!  The world we live in and the evidence from our past can be explainable from a Biblically based world view... it is possible!

  • Young earth creationism offers  great insight into certain evidence that points to a young earth and a young universe.  We believe that the Bible does allow for a time period before the 6-day Genesis creation.  However, this time period is not the supposed explanation for billions of years of uniformitarian geological events nor the deposition of fossils in those layers over billions of years.

The links on the site are to help provide information... there is certainly enough ANTI-creationism information available that it can be disheartening to even consider changing your mind from anything other than a MACRO-evolutionary viewpoint.  Have hope... it takes time... it took me time to recondition the way I thought... we have all been conditioned to think a certain way about origins from the time we were in grade school.  

Take the time  to learn though... Why?? 

There ARE two sides to the story.. you have only gotten one side your whole life from the academic community.  It is important that you have absolute trust in the reliability of the Scriptures (they point you to THE PERSON of Jesus who alone saves and redeems our life)... and evolutionary acceptance in science certainly offers stark road blocks to that notion.  We take scripture to be absolutely reliable by faith in one sense, but in a very real sense, this faith rests on solid foundations of proof.  Cold hard facts "seem" to yell at us all the time and laugh at our faith.  The "facts" so-called of evolution are the same way.  They may be "facts", but there is only ONE truth.   The "facts" of evolution are based on many assumptions that are not facts at all... uniformitarianism, punctuated equilibrium, the hopeful monster, and others to name a few (all best guesses about the past).   What most in the academic circles proclaim to be absolute scientific fact about Macro-evolution and the origin of the universe to the outside world are well known to be the "best guesses" of the intellectual elite within these circles...  

In the end, only an experience with the creator God matters.  Scientific pursuit and inquiry is only a passing activity in the light of eternity.  No one will be able to stand in the face of the creator one day and say "You didn't give me enough proof of your existence".  He has given ample proof of His existence and ample demonstrations of His desire for humans to enter into an eternal relationship with Him.  Our "science" and our "knowledge" is paltry compared to His anyway, yet we will miss eternity because of our intellectual certainty that science has explained away God to our satisfaction.  How sad...

Are you a cult member???
"Not everyone accepts evolution today. Some religions/cults require people to believe that the world and everything in it was created by God." 
--from an exhibit room in the Down House at Downe in Kent UK, where Darwin lived for 40 years from 1842 until his death in 1882, which is now refurbished as a monument to evolution..

Two world views... 
two views of cosmology... 
two models of origin.. 

two systems that must each 
make leaps of faith in reasoning.

Though macro-evolution does not strictly deal with origins of the UNIVERSE... it is derived from the same system of belief that says the universe and all of its diversity of life can be explained by natural processes alone.  
Test your faith in MACRO-EVOLUTION

The faith of Macro-Evolution  The faith of Creationism
There must be a cosmos that has always existed in time... i.e. there cannot be a FIRST CAUSE, there just is an ALWAYS WAS (although this directly contradicts the scientific principle that matter cannot be created or destroyed-- even Einstein believed matter was NOT eternal)  There must be a supernatural creator who is eternal that created a finite universe: He is the FIRST CAUSE
The current universe arose from a the explosion of a quantum singularity, which is an almost infinitesimally small particle of super matter...  The current universe arose by the spoken word of God from nothing that was previously created (no matter)
Life arose out of non-life by purely mechanistic, random, undirected processes due to properties inherent in inanimate matter Life arose out of the direction of the Creator
Huge periods of time MUST be required for this theory to be viable.  None of these time periods can be proven absolutely and must be inferred from available evidence. Large periods of time are not REQUIRED for a creationist view point, although young-earth creationists tend to hold more dogmatically to a universe/earth that is only 6-10 thousand years old. (Some evolutionist may point out aptly that SHORT time periods are REQUIRED for creationism)
All the variations of animal and plant life have descended from a common ancestor, which itself arose from non-biological processes; the origin of each kind arose from a an ancestral form by slow gradual change The Creator made all the different various types of animal and plant life. each according to its own kind and each with its own characteristics complete in the first representative
Speciation over time, random processes, mutation and natural selection account for the diversity of life we see in the fossil record and in the world today (unlimited variation... all forms are genetically related) Speciation was designed by the Creator to allow adaptation of animals and plants to changes within their environment... the Creator designed and fit each kind of animal and plant in existence to reproduce its own kind (variation and speciation limited within each kind)
Uniformitarianism on a local scale over huge periods of time primarily accounts for and explains the geological column along with its associated fossil record.. Catastrophism on a global scale over short periods of time primarily accounts for and explains the geological column along with its associated fossil record
The fossil record should be interpreted based on dating methods and the age of rock layers they are found in... rock layers should be dated by the fossils they contain... given large time scales, the fossil record demonstrates gradual change of simple forms into more and more complex forms... there should be transitional series linking all categories and no systematic gaps between fast and slow spurts of speciation The fossil record and the geologic column should be interpreted based on global catastrophe that laid down sedimentary layers in rapid deposition... the fossil record indicates sudden appearance of each created type with characteristics complete... there are sharp boundaries separating major taxonomic groups ... and there are no transitional forma between higher categories 
Featured Articles
Most of these are off-site, but provide good reading on certain topics that are bound to come up in creation/evolution discussions.  Some of these are not meant to be academic dissertations on creationism... but they do offer scientific perspectives of certain things in the creation/evolution debate.
Where are the human fossils??
Why don't we find thousands of human fossils if the Flood of Noah is true? What happened to all the people who were not on board Noah's Ark?
Does the DNA similarity between chimps and humans prove a common ancestry?? 
It is said that our DNA structures are 97% similar to that of a chimps. Are we only highly evolved apes? For a proper understanding of this issue, consider these seven concepts. 
Is there really evidence that man descended from apes?
Are the "missing links" really missing, or have they truly been found and documented over the previous century?
Is evolution the best scientific answer to origins?
Could life have begun through chance and natural chemistry? Have laboratory scientists proved that life evolved on its own? What discovery should have stopped the whole Creation/Evolution debate?
What happened to the horse?
Many textbooks teach that the horse has evolved from only 61 centimeters to it's present state of over 2 meters over a 60 million year period. But learn what inconsistencies the textbooks don't teach about the horse's evolution
Did ancient humans live millions of years ago??
A report on the evidence for ape to human transitional fossils, focusing on both the hominoid and hominid gap in the fossil record.
How accurate is carbon-14 dating?
Many people are concerned that C14 proves the Biblical time-scale of history to be inaccurate. However, the C14 clock is in full accord with the Biblical picture of earth's past. 
Does radioactive dating prove the earth is billions of years old?
How old is planet Earth? There are enormous differences of opinion. The most common view is that Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old. Others say it is older or younger. The lowest age defended on a scientific basis is in the 6 to 10 thousand year range. Evolutionism, of course, requires billions of years to support the plausibility of life's emergence and of subsequent Evolution from "amoeba" to man. Theoretically, Creationism remains workable within a wide range of age estimates.
What are some evidences for a young earth?
Some food for thought in terms of natural processes that currently exist that could not have possibly continued in a uniform process up until the present for billions and billions of years as some evolutionary principles would require.
Is progressive creationism viable?
Theistic evolution, the Gap theory, and progressive creationism are three attempts to account for long periods of time within the Biblical record.. find out what progressive creationism is all about.
Is theistic evolution viable?
Evolution, whether theistic or undirected, has its own set of problems in defense of itself.  Why should Christians choose a secular doctrine that continues to change and does not accurately reflect the character of God to start with??
Can mutations create positive changes in creatures??
Are mutations responsible for evolution from amoeba to man? (evolutionism and the blind watchmaker)
Do geological formations need millions of years to form?
Many geologists today have abandoned the idea of uniformitarianism. By studying the current geologic processes, it is apparent that many of the geologic formations were formed by catastrophes. Catastrophes such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanoes are responsible for much of what we see today. 
Is the idea of continental drift viable?
Most people today believe that earth scientists have proved that continental drift has occurred, and still is occurring. What they are not told is that there are many well-qualified earth scientists who do not believe in the theory of continental drift as it is currently proposed.
Is the idea of continental drift viable?
Most people today believe that earth scientists have proved that continental drift has occurred, and still is occurring. What they are not told is that there are many well-qualified earth scientists who do not believe in the theory of continental drift as it is currently proposed.


Did God make man a little lower than Elohim (God Himself), or did He evolve him a little higher than apes??

When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have ordained, What is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of man that You visit him? For You have made him a little lower than the angels {Elohim}, and You have crowned him with glory and honor. You have made him to have dominion over the works of Your hands; you have put all things under his feet, All sheep and oxen-- even the beasts of the field, The birds of the air, and the fish of the sea that pass through the paths of the seas. Ps 8:3-8 


Featured Information Sites
Most of these sites are ridiculed by "scientists" and Christians alike who hold to the evolutionary view of thinking.  There is indeed sound principles of scientific investigation done by many of these organizations, and other sites simply expound the traditional arguments for creation and those that are contrary to MACRO-Evolution.
Creation OnLine
A must do for anyone NEW to the idea of creation science in general. 
Answers In Genesis
Young earth creationist to the core, but Ken Ham offers an uncompromising view of Scripture that I think we all should take note of and follow.  Skeptics aside, a great place to start in learning.
Institute for Creation Research 
The granddaddy of all creationists...  Henry Morris and his institute.  A little cheesy on the eyes, but the materials and resources are great for starts.
Creation Super Library 
A must see... a multi-lingual site with good links and articles on various aspects of the creation/evolution debate. 
Creation Research Society
A professional organization of trained scientists and interested laypersons who are firmly committed to scientific special creation. The Society was organized in 1963.
Bible Creation Society
A Christian society that advances and defends the Biblical teaching on creation. Founded in 1976, we seek to think through issues related to origins from a coherent Biblical and scientific standpoint. We respectfully challenge fellow Christians who have accepted holistic evolutionary explanations of the living world to reconsider the issues. 
Creation Science Home Page
A group of engineers and professionals with graduate degrees, largely in Computer Science. We are Christians who believe strongly that people need to become better informed on this most important question of our origins.
Creation Science Resource 
A webology of links on everything under the sun in the creationism camp. 
Directory of Creationist Organizations Worldwide
A good resource for locating creationist groups in your area.
Associates of Biblical Research
A staff of professional archaeologists producing research and staying in communication with other scholars active in the field of Biblical archaeology.  They provide a Biblical perspective on  the significance of new discoveries in both archaeology and evolutionary finds.


For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them,  for God has shown it to them.

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools... Rom 1:18-22


Darwin's own words:

"If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down." 
[It is common knowledge that some of the earliest fossils that appear in the Cambrian layers have fully developed and formed eyes... with no apparent link to any previously existing structure on any other fossil in the record.  Can you get more complex than an eye??]

"To suppose that the eye with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree." [Darwin escaped this sticky situation by asserting the idea of theistic evolution and the introduction by the creator of a small number of basic life forms with existing features which evolutionary principles could then take action on...]


Readings in Creation Science and Evolution
We do not necessarily agree with every single thing in every single book, but there is certainly enough to stir our hearts to faith in a literal creation and the  literal deluge  exactly as Genesis describes...

Darwin's Black Box
(Easy to read and makes a great case for the removal of Macro Evolution as the foundation of Science.  Professor Behe is not a creationist.)
Michael Behe
Of Pandas and People
(A great High School and College level treatment of evolution)
Davis & Kenyon
Controversy: Roots of the Creation/Evolution Debate
Good introductory work for those troubled by the Creation/evolution controversy-- not overwhelming with scientific detail)
Dr. Donald Chittick
Bones of Contention
At thorough examination of all the supposed pre-human fossils with a refutation of all evolutionary inferences that have been drawn from them.)
Marvin Lubenow, ISBN 0-8010-5677-2
Creation Scientists Answer their Critics
(Dr. Gish analyzes a number of the most important anti-creationist books and articles published in recent years... the book does not focus on anti-Biblical arguments or arguments against a young earth
Duane Gish, ISBN 0-932766-2X-5
Grand Canyon: Monument to Catastrophe
A creationist guidebook to the Grand Canyon and the Colorado Plateau.)
Steven Austin, ISBN 0-932766-33-1
Puzzle of Ancient Man
(Evidence presented to show that man has always been highly intelligent... from his beginnings... and in contradiction to the evolutionary theory of man' s origin and rise
Dr. Donald Chittick
Darwin's Leap of Faith
John Ankerberg and John Weldon, Harvest House, ISBN 1-56507-657-5
The Answers Book
(answers to the 12 most-asked questions on Genesis and creation/evolution) 

Ken Ham, Andrew Snelling, Carl Wieland, Master Books, ISBN 0-89051-161-6
Creation: Facts of Life
(How an evolutionary biologist/geologist became a creationist...) 
Gary Parker, Master Books, ISBN 0-89051-200-0
Men of Science, Men of God
(A stunning defeat to the notion that men of science cannot derive conclusions from their belief in the Bible or a special creation) 
Henry M. Morris, Master Books, ISBN 0-89051-080-6
The Genesis Flood
(The seminal work on the scientific understanding of the great Deluge)
John C. Whitcomb and Henry M. Morris, P&R Publishing, ISBN 0-87552-338-2
Darwin's Enigma
(A look at why many scientists have abandoned their faith in Darwinian evolution)
Luther D. Sunderland, Master Books, ISBN 0-89051-108-X
The World that Perished
(A sequel to the Genesis Flood, and a good exposition of Biblical catastrophism)
John C. Whitcomb, Baker Book House, ISBN 0-8010-9690-1
The Waters Above
(A technical look at the earth's pre-Flood canopy)
Joseph C. Dillow, ISBN 0-8024-9198-7
The Illustrated ORIGINS Answer Book

Young Earth Creationism

Starlight and Time
(A cosmology that accounts for light seen from stars greater than 10,000 light years away... and thus a response to one of the greatest challenges to the young earth creationist view)
D. Russell Humphreys, Master Books, ISBN 0-89051-202-7
Unformed and Unfilled
(A critique of the Gap theory... although not the Gap theory that we espouse...)
Weston W. Fields, Burgener Enterprises,  ISBN 0-9641659-0-2
The Young Earth
(The scientific evidences for recent creation of the earth, covering radioisotope dating, magnetic field decay, oceanic salt, and many other supposed "clocks," with emphasis on the geologic evidences for a young earth.)
John D. Morris, ISBN 0-89051-174-8
It's a Young World After All
(A comparison of theistic evolution with the literal 6-day special creation)
Paul D. Ackerman

In Defense of the Bible (Apologetics)

Many Infallible Proofs
(A good look at questions of Biblical critics in general: verbal inspiration, fulfilled prophecy, structure of Scripture, Bible contradictions, and the history of the Bible)
Henry M. Morris and Henry M. Morris III, Master Books, ISBN 0-89051-005-9
The Stones Cry Out
(Recent archaeological evidence in support of the absolute historical accuracy of the Bible)
Randall Price, Harvest House, ISBN 1-56507-640-0
The Signature of God
(Is there proof to the divine inspiration of the Scriptures?? Convincing....)
Grant R. Jeffrey,  Frontier Research Publications, ISBN 0-921714-28-9
The Handwriting of God
(A further foundation that the Bible is without error and reliable for all matters of life and faith)
Grant R. Jeffrey,  Frontier Research Publications, ISBN 0-921714-38-6

What The "Other" Side is Saying
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Eph 6:12 (NKJ)

Greene's Creationism Truth Filter
A good set of links to theistic evolutionary and progressive creationist sites, along with the standard evolutionary sites as well.  
Anti-creation/Pro-evolution Sites
A compendium of web resources for the flip side of the scientific spectrum... 
Talk Origins
The mother of all evolution and anti-creation sites.  Better get a good dose of faith before traveling to these waters.  

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