Another Wave of Blessing

extracts from a sermon by D.L. Moody


There are some interesting things happening in the Church today. Perhaps you are not a Christian and are wondering what all the fuss is about ? Or maybe you're just a bit skeptical about Revival ?

This extract from a sermon entitled "Sinners seeking Christ" by Dwight L Moody states: "And now, it seems to me that there is another wave of blessing passing over this earth. Tidings are coming from all parts of the world, telling us of the great work God is doing" . This was printed in 1880, so really there's nothing new under the sun ! The question is: How does it effect you ? Read on....


The Lord wants you. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and seek Him while He may be found. Over twenty years ago, a great revival swept over this land. A great many men stood and shook their heads; they could not believe it was a healthy state of things. The Church was not in its normal state! The Church from Maine to Minnesota, and on to California, was astir. And as you passed over this great republic, over its western prairies and mountains, and through its valleys, as you went on by train, and as you passed through its cities and villages, you could see the churches lit up; and men were flocking into the kingdom of God by hundreds. And in a year and a half or two years there were more than half a million souls brought in. Men said it was false excitement, wildfire, and it would pass away. But, my friends, it was grace preceding judgment. Little did we know that our nation was soon to be baptized in blood, and that we would soon hear the tramp of a million men, that hundreds and thousands of our young men, the flower of our nation, would soon be lying in a soldier’s grave. But, oh, my friends, it was God calling his people in. He was preparing our nation for a terrible struggle.

And now, it seems to me that there is another wave of blessing passing over this earth. Tidings are coming from all parts of the world, telling us of the great work God is doing. The last tidings from India, told us of a blessed work going on there. The last tidings from Japan and from other places — we have the same good news of God pouring out his Spirit. It was only the other day that two men came up here from a town of 50,000 inhabitants, and wanted us to go there; but we could not, and we told them to go home and get to work themselves. Today one of them told us that they had sixteen last night in the inquiry-room. God is pouring out his Spirit everywhere. Everywhere men are putting in the sickle and bringing their sheaves and laying them at the feet of the Master. I believe we are living in the days that our fathers prayed for. The heavens are open, and the Spirit of God is descending upon the sons of men.

Now, this time of revival is a good time to seek the Lord. Will you ever have a better time? The tidings from every city is this — the people are praying. It is a question in my mind if there was ever so much prayer going up to God as at the present. Not only here, but all around the world, we have God’s people making their hearts burdened for the salvation of souls. And is it not God working? Will there ever be a better time for you to seek the kingdom of God than the present, when there is such a great awakening, when there is such a spirit of expectation; when the Church of God is coming up as one man, and the spirit of unity prevails? Think of the praying ones here. Do you believe there were ever so many men and women praying for your soul as there are here tonight? Look over this audience — what are these Christians doing now! They are silently praying to God. I can see they are praying. There is a young man with his mother sitting by his side. That mother is pleading, "God save my boy tonight!" May it go down deep into his soul! "Seek ye the Lord while He may be found."

Now, let me ask you a question. Do you believe that the Lord can be found here tonight? I appeal to these ministers present at my side; do you believe He can? They answer "YES." My friends do you believe it? Another YES comes from the audience. Well, if He can, is it not the height of madness for any man or woman to go out of this hall without seeking Him? If He can be found, why not seek Him? Young lady, why not seek Him with all your heart? Young man, why not seek Christ tonight with all your heart? Why not say, "I must be saved?" There is nothing so important as this great question of salvation.

Supposing you could win the world, what would you do with it? Would it be worth as much as Christ? Let everything else be laid aside, and make up your minds that you will not rest until you have sought and found the Lord Jesus. I never knew anyone make up his mind to seek Him but he soon found Him. At Dublin a young man found Christ. He went home and lived so godly and so Christ-like, that two of his brothers could not understand what had wrought the change in him. They left Dublin and followed us to Sheffield, and found Christ there. They were in earnest. But, thanks be to God, you have not got to go out of this hall. Christ can be found here tonight. I firmly believe everyone here can find Christ tonight if you will seek for Him with all your heart. He says, "Call upon Me." Did you ever hear of anyone calling on Christ with the whole heart, that Christ didn’t answer? Look at that thief on the cross! It may have been that he had a praying mother, and that his mother taught him the fifty-third chapter of Isaiah. He had heard Christ pray that wonderful prayer, "Father, forgive them." And as he was hanging on the cross that text of Scripture came to his mind, "Seek the Lord while He may be found; call ye upon Him while He is near." The truth came flashing into his soul, and he says, "He is near me now; I will call on Him. Lord, remember me when Thou comest into Thy kingdom." No sooner had he called than the Lord said, "This day shalt thou be with Me in paradise." That was his seeking opportunity, his day.

My friends, this is your day now. I believe that every man has his day. You have it just now; why not call upon Him just now? Say, as the poor thief did, "Lord remember me." That was his golden opportunity, and the Lord heard and answered and saved him. Did not Bartimeus call on Him while He was near? Christ was passing by Jericho for the last time, and he cried out, "Thou Son of David, have mercy on me." And did not the Lord hear his prayer, and give him his sight? It was a good thing Zaccheus called — or rather the Lord called him, but when the Lord called he came. May the Lord call many here, and may you respond, "Lord, here am I; You have called and I come." Do you believe the Lord will call a poor sinner, and then cast him out? No! His word stands forever, "Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out."