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           The Spirit Journals are a collection of writings on various topics covering the feasts of the Lord, Israel, America, the Church, revival, the end times, and general Christian living.   We hope you will be blessed by them.

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Earnestly Contending For The Faith - Part One

Earnestly Contending For The Faith - Part Two

The Great Whore - Part One

The Great Whore - Part Two

The Great Offer - The Last Message Of Jesus Christ - Part 3

The Closed  Door Of Revelation - The Last Message Of Christ Part 4

The Shout of A King Is Among Them Part Two

The Shout Of A King Is Among Them - Part One

The Feast Of Trumpets

The Binding Of Isaac And The Rapture

Gold Tried In The Fire - Last Message Of Christ Part Two

The Last Message Of Jesus Christ

A Last Call, A Final Warning And Determined End

Be Filled With The Spirit

Those Who Have Taken Hold

Israel, The Last Days And The Nations

And Aaron And Moses Returned To The Door Of The Tabernacle

The Brazen Serpent Upon The Pole

Come Up With Into My Lot

The Final Jihad - Part One

The Final Jihad Part Two-Ezekiel's Vision Of Israel's Next Major War

The Final Jihad - Part Three

The Place Of Sacrifice

There Is Wrath Gone Out From Among The Lord

The Unity Of The Brethren Part One

The Unity Of The Brethren Part Two

The Last Judge And The First Prophet

The Last Judge And The First Prophet Part Two

Ere The Lamp Of God Go Out In The Temple Of The Lord

The Last Passover

The Last Passover Part Two: The Coming Servants

The Holy Spirit And The Land Of The Golden Rats

Israel And The Mountain Of Darkness

The Old Altar And The New Altar


A New Heart

Our Children Will Be Our Judges

The Pharisee And The Sinner

The Things Concerning Me Have An End

They Both Had Nothing To Pay - The Pharisee And The Sinner, Part Two

City Of Liars And Drunkards

City Or Liars And Drunkards, Part Two

The Light Of The Messiah - Hanukkah 2002

The Lord Of The Flies

The Lord Will Help Me To Forget

The Shofar And The Rapture

This Gospel Shall Be Preached, The Message, Part One

Three Hours To Go

The Valley Of Baca

The Voice Of Jonah, The Silence Of Lot

Which Have Received the Holy Ghost As We

Who Have You Come Out To See?

Ruth: The Harvest And The Holy Spirit

Ruth-Part Three-Handfuls On Purpose

Ruth-Part Two-Preparation

Samuel's Voice To Israel

The Feast of Passover

The Feast Of Pentecost

Filled With The Holy Ghost

Filled With The Holy Ghost - Part Two

The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit To The Believer

Some Questions About Speaking In Tongues

The Sound of Pentecost

The Spirit and the Bride Say Come

The Spirit and the Word Agree

Stammering Lips

The Bride And The Bridegroom

Behold, What Manner of Love

The Promise of The Father

The Revenger Of Blood

The Revenger Of Blood Part Two


An Abundant Entrance Into The Kingdom

America's Warning From God Through Ezekiel

Bring Mark With You, He is Profitable

Calamity Upon Calamity, Rumor Upon Rumor

Calamity..Calamity,Rumor Upon Rumor Part 2

The Christ Among The Churches

The Church And The Final Exodus

The Coming Storm

Israel, The Cup Of Trembling

Israel, The Cup Of Trembling, Part 2

The Day Jesus Dropped the Charges

Days Of Awe

Esther, The Church and The Jews

The Father Seeks Such

The Fishers And The Hunters Part One: The Fishers

The Parallels Between Nazi Germany And America Today

I Have Surely Heard Ephraim Bemoaning Himself

Is There Anyone Left In The House Of My Enemy

Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church

Jonah's Prayer In Hell

The Last Days And The 17th Day Of Tammuz

License, Legalism and Liberty

The March Of The Wounded Healers

The March of the Wounded Healers Part Two

The New Millennium

The Rejoicing of the House of Water Drawing

The Restoration Of All Things

The Return of the Judges

The Righteous Among The Nations

The River In The Desert

The Scapegoat

The Shofar

The Lord Jesus And The Passover Seder

The Second Hanukkah

The Burden Of Nineveh

Yeshua And The Fast Of The Ninth Month

The Fishers and The Hunters Part Two: The Hunters


The Man Who Went To Hell

Eternal Security In Christ

Seducing Spirits, Doctrines of Devils

The Perfect Prayer of the Spirit

The Prayers of Jesus, Part One

The Prayers Of Jesus Part Two

The Man Who Went To Hell and Came Back

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